Come Join in the Festivities with Uncle Willy’s Christmas Parties

Experience the fun and joy of Christmas time with the magical adventure of Uncle Willy’s Christmas Party.

Board a tractor for a magical journey to Uncle Willy’s Christmas castle and set a picnic blanket down amongst the straw-bales in our open air arena. Play in the hay until Uncle Willy arrives welcoming everyone and beginning the fun and laughter. Watch a magician perform some spectacular magic tricks before a marching band arrives to play your favourite songs and get everyone up marching and dancing with them. Meet Noddy, Big Ears, Tessie Bear and pals as they play with the kids and hand out delicious ice creams, all the way from Toyland. Receive a beverage for dinner to cool off but don’t begin to think the fun has stopped. Grab a song book to sing along with us during our extra special Christmas carols and an extra special rendition of “Old MacDonald’s Farm”. Gaze at the stars as late afternoon turns to evening and help the fairy to appear by calling her name. Hear Santa’s reindeer arrive on the roof of the castle and watch as Father Christmas comes down the chimney bearing gifts for one and all whilst wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

This and so much more is what we have in store for you to celebrate the holiday season. A lot of work is put into making Uncle Willy's a success, and with the support we receive from all the guests every year through our end-of-night charity collection, Claremont Rotaract is able to continue to serve the community, year after year.

How to Book

In order to receive an invite to book, you will need to add your details to the form below. After confirming your details, you will receive an invite to book once bookings open on Webtickets. Please note that the link will NOT be shown on the website and Webtickets do not have permission to give it out.

Please note the following:

  • Tickets are first come, first serve.
  • Tickets are NOT TRANSFERABLE.
  • Members of families who treat Claremont Rotaractors or Webtickets with any disrespect or aggression will be banned from the parties or asked to leave.
  • The Claremont Rotaract and Uncle Willy's team are young adults (average age 23) and solely volunteers. We are not professional programme writers or event coordinators, but just a group of people trying our best to provide a memorable evening for you, as well as to make a difference for those less fortunate than ourselves.
  • We are all young students or working professionals. Therefore, emails will only be answered for party specific information. Please give us a fair amount of time to reply to your queries.

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